” We realise that choosing your builder is the single most important decision a home renovator can make. You need to ensure your builder has the knowledge, experience and reliability to deliver the renovation you have always wanted with a minimum of stress along the way. Too often in this current climate have I seen evidence of other Builders taking short cuts. We deliver what we promise, A high standard of quality and workmanship every time” Director, Atlantic Construction

about us - atlantic constructionAtlantic Construction is a family owned and operated building company established in 2006. Since then, we have worked hard and built a solid reputation of reliability and dependability. People who use our services consider us to be one of the best in class contractors for home renovations, new builds, residential developments, dilapidation and commercial construction projects.

Atlantic Construction has more than 30 years of experience in the building industry, and has developed its personal repertoire of expertise and industry knowledge to include some of the finest workmanship skills to be found anywhere in the South Wales area. 

Our dedication to maintaining and delivering the highest possible standards is reflected in the selection of the highly skilled subcontractors employed by Atlantic Construction. This ensures the highest level of skill, quality and time- and cost-efficiency, which we demand from all our subcontractors on behalf of all our clients.

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